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According to drunk driving statistics published by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, someone is hurt in a drunk driving crash every 90 seconds. When people suffer temporary or permanent disabilities as the result of negligence in drunk driving accidents, they often want to exact some justice for their injuries, as well as receive adequate compensation to make them whole again. While most people understand that such situations can and do result in successful lawsuits, many do not know that they can sue more than just the irresponsible driver. Below is a basic discussion of the parties that might be named as defendants in a drunk driving lawsuit.

The Intoxicated Driver

It is somewhat obvious that a drunk driver can be sued for behaving negligently. If the intoxicated driver is tested and discovered to have a blood alcohol content that is above the legal limit, a lawsuit for compensation may be relatively straightforward. However, since some of these drivers are uninsured and do not have enough in assets to cover damages that are ordered by a court, plaintiffs may need to look elsewhere to recoup the financial losses they sustained as a result of their injuries.

Auto accidents can happen to even the most cautious drivers. Maybe another driver ran a red light and hit you; maybe a multi-vehicle accident has left insurance coverage in question. These are just two examples of the types of auto accident cases taken on by the Nashville Accident Lawyers at the Law Office of Eric Beasley.

How a Nashville Accident Attorney Can Help

You might not know what to expect the first time you visit a lawyer’s office. To start with, you’ll be asked to describe the situation you’re concerned about. This interview will take place before any papers are signed so you won’t be held to any obligation if the Nashville Accident Lawyer is unable to assist. You’ll also be informed of steps involved in filing a car accident claim. This will give you an idea of how quickly your case can be resolved. If everything is agreeable to you, a contract will be available for you to sign. You’ll receive a copy of the document for your own records; it is part of your attorney’s legal responsibility to provide you with a copy of the contract so you can refer back to it in the future.