How to File a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Tennessee

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling and relaxing experience. Tennessee’s scenic views are breathtaking. The problem occurs when other drivers fail to use the proper driving protocol to ensure your safety while sharing the road. A careless lane change or improper signal use at an intersection may result in a serious accident. After being injured, reaching out to a motorcycle accident lawyer may help you in filing a claim or a lawsuit.

Steps for a Motorcycle Claim

With any type of accident, your health is the main priority. Seeking out medical care should be the first step for severe injuries, followed by gathering the necessary information to file a claim.

  • Exchange your name, contact details and insurance information with the other driver involved in the accident.
  • Gather contact information of any witnesses who are at the scene.
  • If you have a camera or a cell phone with photo capabilities, take pictures of the accident scene. Do not worry about the number of photos you take, every detail can be useful during the claims process.
  • Refrain from giving any type of statement at the scene. A simple statement may be used against you during the claim process.
  • Report the accident to your insurance provider. Your provider will work with the other company to negotiate a settlement. At this time, a motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to provide assistance with filing the documents and negotiating the claim on your behalf.

Keep All Records

Denial of a claim or low settlement offer may result in the need for a motorcycle accident lawyer. The personal injury lawyer will need all the information pertaining to your case.

  • All medical expenses paid, including the emergency room visit, hospital stay, rehabilitation and follow-up care.
  • Medical instructions or explanation of care needed to ensure proper healing.
  • Police report
  • Contact information for the other driver and witnesses
  • Copies of any letters or emails from the insurance company regarding any details of your claim.
  • Current employment information to show loss of income while recovering.

The records will aid the motorcycle accident lawyer in negotiating a higher settlement to cover your expenses. The lawyer can file an action to contest the denial of a claim. When negotiation fails, the motorcycle accident lawyer will proceed with filing a lawsuit to achieve fair compensation for your personal injuries.