How to Find a Qualified Attorney After a Truck Accident

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), large trucks travel approximately 275 billion miles across America’s roadways each year. In recent years there has been a major focus on the safety regulations involving large truck operation throughout the United States, but unfortunately an estimated 385,000 large truck accidents still occur each year, and approximately 4,000 of those result in fatality.


Large truck accidents are different than other types of motor vehicle accidents. They often result in significantly higher levels of property damage, frequently involve multiple severe injuries, and are more likely to result in death than accidents involving smaller passenger vehicles. In addition, when you become the victim of an accident involving a large truck, the odds are against you before you even get out of your vehicle. Trucking companies often have decades of experience in dealing with accident claims similar to yours, and chances are their risk management department will already be working on ways to either deny your claim or minimize the payout you could receive. They frequently even have attorneys on standby- just waiting to fight against you. The bottom line is: if you or a loved one has been involved in a large truck accident in the “volunteer state”, you are almost certainly going to need a Tennessee truck accident lawyer.


Finding the Right Tennessee Truck Accident Lawyer

When seeking the services of a Tennessee truck accident lawyer, it is important to remember that all accident lawyers are not equal. To experience a successful outcome with your case, it is vital that you select an attorney who is experienced with the complications and challenges that often surround large truck accidents. Consider the following factors when selecting an attorney to represent your case.

  • Knowledge: Inquire about the lawyer’s familiarity with trucking laws, commercial carrier regulations and commercial insurance laws. You are going to want to work with someone who is able to identify possible violations that can help build your case.
  • Track Record: Investigate the track record your potential attorney has in dealing with similar truck accident cases.
  • Estimates: Be wary of attorneys who estimate unusually high or unusually low projected settlement estimates. Anytime there is a significant variance, be sure to ask to an explanation.
  • Trust and Communication: When selecting a Tennessee truck accident lawyer, be certain that you feel comfortable communicating with your attorney, and that you trust his or her advice.