Filing An Auto Accident Claim

For most, dealing with an auto accident that results in injury, especially if it was through no fault of your own, can be very intimidating. Finding a reliable lawyer, is an important first step to getting on the road to recovery. Eric Beasley is a trained, Nashville accident lawyer, with extensive experience personal injury cases throughout Tennessee. Eric Beasley will expertly navigate the red tape on your behalf while you and your family focus on recovering comfortably.

Auto Accident Costs

If you’ve been hit by a negligent or drunk driver, tractor trailer, or anything in between, you’re going to need someone who can handle everything while you are recovering. Things you may not have considered:

  • Medical Bills – you will receive bills from several different places for your initial treatment following the accident. These fees include ambulance, emergency room, lab testing and any other subsequent treatment costs.
  • Vehicle Repair – from minor to major repair, you will need to consider – Where to have your vehicle repaired, if there will there be towing fees and whether or not you will need a rental car.
  • Lost Income – most families cant afford to miss a lot of work. Having a dedicated Nashville accident lawyer on your side will ensure you are compensated for your lost time, giving you peace of mind while you recover.
  • Insurance Companies – it is their main priority to pay out as little money as possible, while the main priority of your Nashville accident lawyer will be protecting your best interests.

Injured At Work?

If you’ve been injured at work, there can be many hoops to jump through in order to receive compensation. Therefore, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible in order to preserve the integrity of your case. Eric Beasley can help. As your Nashville accident lawyer, Eric Beasley is experienced with many types of work related injuries and knows just what is needed.

Eric Beasley’s intensive personal injury law experience ranges from dog bites, slip and falls and auto accidents to serious spine or brain injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse in nursing homes, and even wrongful death. With no up-front retainer fees and a no charge unless you win your case policy, you know you are in good hands. Call today for your free no obligation consultation to discuss your case.