Prevent Motocycle Accidents With These Safety Tips

The number or motorcycle-related deaths and injuries has been on the rise both in Tennessee, and nationwide, since the year 2000. Since 2011, over 100 motorcycle fatalities have occurred in Tennessee each year. In 2014, 121 motorcyclists were killed in the state of Tennessee alone.

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the freedom of the open road and the unbeatable fuel economy of motorcycles, but they are also keenly aware of the added risk. According to the IIHS, 30 times more cyclists die in crashes than drivers of cars. Thus, it is particularly crucial to keep safety in mind when riding a motorcycle.

If you do get into an accident, a skilled Tennessee motorcycle accident lawyer can help you receive just compensation for your injuries. However, following these simple safety tips may help you avoid an injury altogether:

1. Anti-lock brakes

When brakes lock up and tires skid, an otherwise avoidable accident becomes a crushing reality. By improving steering control and emergency stopping ability, ABS systems reduce motorcycle fatality rates by about 37%.

2. Helmets

A good helmet- one that is strong, lightweight, and covers the full face, can reduce fatalities by 40%. A DOT-certified sticker signals a top-quality helmet, and with the generous padding and ventilation of modern helmets, there is no need to sacrifice comfort to stay safe.

3. Protective gear

Road rash and biker’s hand are all too common, and tough protective gear could often have prevented them. Leather jackets and gloves, jeans or other sturdy pants, and goggles or visors greatly reduce your risk of injury.

4. Drive defensively

In about 60% of motorcycle-and-car collisions, the car driver is at fault. So, watch cars closely. Note lane changes, never tailgate, and always keep your lights on and your warning horn ready.

5. MSF classes

New cyclists should be sure to take an MSF course to master the basics and to learn advanced techniques like emergency evasion. There are 2,700 MSF locations nationwide, and insurance discounts and credits toward new bikes frequently apply.

Despite our best efforts, accidents and injuries sometimes occur. If the negligent driving of another has caused you pain, trauma or financial loss, you can call Eric Beasley. Eric Beasley has 14 years of experience as a Tennessee motorcycle accident lawyer in the Nashville area. Do not hesitate to call him at 800-431-2768 for help in winning your claim.