A Nashville Car Accident Attorney for Your Guidance and Protection

There are several things that happen when you are injured in an auto accident. The first and most obvious is medical care. The second is attempting to repair your vehicle, if it had also been involved. The third is dealing with the insurance companies–both your own and that of any other parties. These three things often become a source of hardship for the victim, instead of relief.

Hiring a trained Nashville car accident attorney is an important step to your recovery. The reason for this is simple: You and your family wish to focus on healing and not on endless bills or playing the blame game. Consider some of the following facts:

1. The insurance company of any other involved party does not wish to give you money, attempting to find a way to exempt their client of any liability. If that doesn’t work, they shall try to settle for the least amount possible, often making the process so tedious that you’ll agree to less out of frustration. It is better to have a mediator investigate the accident and handle negotiations the company on your behalf so that you may deal with your recovery without any added stress.

2. Medication and treatment tend to be costly, especially if you’re missing work. An attorney will also help with these expenses, connecting you with medical specialists and even negotiating delayed payments so that your payments aren’t due until your settlement or trial.

3. If your vehicle was involved in the accident, your insurance provider will wish to inspect it. You have a legal right to have a representative present during this inspection to ensure the agent does not downplay the damages or unnecessarily total the car in order to avoid paying you the full amount due to you.

When you consider these facts, it becomes apparent that a car accident attorney is more than just a lawyer; he or she will be a dedicated caregiver to make the aftermath of your accident as worry-free as possible. The Law Office of Eric Beasley handles various forms of vehicular accident throughout Tennessee. A consultation is free and without obligation, and they do not charge a fee unless you receive payment. Let them help take care of you.